At the Carriage House

Carriage House Art Studio (CHAS) is embarking on a new journey…..

I will be stepping aside as CHAS Director after 5 fulfilling years to work on other projects. CANO/CHAS, now in a good place with an awesome staff including Meagan Moriarty, Matt Brown, Dakota Davis and many others including Dez Dupont will move CHAS forward.
During the past 30 years I have been one of many assisting the Community Art Network of Oneonta previously known as Upper Catskill Community Council of the Arts and will continue to do so.  I thank the steadfast efforts of past and current boards for volunteering without a director, endowment or ongoing funding.
Appreciation to artist and long-time board member Charlie Bremer and members of CANO Boards since 2012 for entrusting me to help their Art School, which was generously supported by David and Scottie Wilber and previously known as Fenner Art School directed by the inspiring Tina Morris. Without the vision and support of our late mayor, Dick Miller, late CANO board member, Kellie Place, and tireless efforts by Community Developer, Jeff House, to secure a CHAS start-up grant and long-term staffing support from Penny Seeger, and CDO Workforce team, essential for studio assistants, CHAS could not have operated.

To the hundreds of unique, creative, generous and inspiring teachers, parents and artists of all ages encountered within the walls of the Carriage House and Wilber Mansion over the years…. Thank you all for enriching my life❤️ and art and creativity in our region….Onward!
~ ~Doug Hallberg.


Be a part of the Carriage House Art Studio!

Stop in or Call 435-8718

Over 2,000 people of all ages have participated in events, classes, and parties since Carriage House Art Studio opened five years ago. We appreciate your support in building up the Arts in our area! While continuing to assist CANO in its mission to provide arts-education to area residents of all ages, CHAS is providing teaching opportunities to artists in our area through our class catalog posted online here: See CLASSES page for current schedule.

Using the pottery wheelis notalways serious business!

Using the pottery wheel is not always serious business!


DID YOU KNOW? Art/Craft teachers can rent one or both studio spaces at CHAS for $20 per hour?  Conduct ongoing classes, workshops and events. The ground floor studio is accessible with ADA facilities available in Wilber Mansion.  PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.

Intro to encaustic paintingduring the after school program...register today.

Fun with Encaustic Painting!

AFTER SCHOOL ARTS program for ages 5-14 has been very popular with the addition of an instructional computer lab and a wide variety of arts and crafts projects, plus homework help and academic assistance.  In addition, volunteer opportunities exist in the after school program. After School Program is available on Wednesdays and Fridays, 3:30-5:00 p.m. Only $15 per day including most materials. Pre-registration required (607-435-8718) or Register Here.

Programs include Photoshop, Lightwave,<br /><br />Painter and Sony Movie Studio.

Michael Bagby and students in new computer lab!

Explore the art classes available during the summer, tell friends and register online today. Individual, couples and family classes, organizational team-building and art parties are available. In addition, a focus group with a registered art therapist makes available evaluation and therapeutic support at CHAS. Call for more information.

Every year potters are invited to make bowls throughout the year for CANO’s Annual Chili Bowl Fundraiser  February 7, 2016. Follow me for dates and details!

CANO and CCAL Members receive a 10% discount.

We also offer Professional Stained Glass Restoration Services to Churches and Residential clients as well as stained glass lamp repair.  Call 435-8718 for further information.